by Sol Pardo

Pardohats, the lab-project of designer Sol Pardo, strives to display ideals through millinery. Hats as wearable objects blend this brand and designer’s fundamental concepts. Art, design and craft. Different shapes and cultures live behind these hats, which intend to bring us nearer discordant fashion concepts and paradigms. There exists a conscious decision to employ reusable materials that have been crafted by hand. Thus, hats combine acrylic as a distinctive raw material with elaborated toquilla straw hats made by hand by a community of weavers. This is what Pardo hats means. Defend the value of what’s permanent, of a slow fashion that creates concepts, that generates an identity and keeps its distance with the fake charm of what’s instantaneous. Here, search moves away from seasonal whims to create an object for ever, an object that embodies the promise of letting us meet beyond time.